Willow Park Family Camp 2021-2022

27th December 2021 - 1st January 2022

Kia ora whanau, 

Willow Park organise a Family Camp for families which is a great way to end the year. You'll be surrounded in a relaxing environment where you can spend time together as a family and getting to know other families  - just what you need after a busy year!

The Christian values input consists of short, inspirational messages by a guest speaker, with practical applications and a kids programme. We run different activities for families with plenty of free time to just "chill out". There's a range of on-site and off-site activities with a wonderful safe beach out the front gate. And Mums - all meals provided, no dishes for 5 days - what a deal!

For more information contact Jerome Edwards

Phone: 027 276 5252

Email: jerome@willowpk.org.nz

Summer and Winter House Parties

Summer and Winter House Parties are designed specially for adults to give you a great holiday - with loads of fun, exceptional food, gracious friendship and wonderfully inspirational messages and song time.  Don't be shy!  Be invigorated and inspired by the programme and the many new friends you will share it with.

Guest speakers with sound teaching from Scripture.


After the various Government Covid-19 announcements and the uncertainty of the way forward, we have come to the very, very hard decision to cancel our 2022 Summer House Party.  We will miss seeing you all and hope we'll see you at Winter House Party.



Email Sue on office@willowpk.org.nz

Or Phone: 09 534 9640

We look forward to catching up with you again.

Chris and Sue

Japanese Under 18 Sevens Team

Japanese Under 18 Sevens Team

Annual World School Sevens Rugby

Hosting some of the Under 18 World School Sevens teams, such as the Men's and Women's Australian team, Japanese Women's team, Fiji Rugby Academy, Cook Islands, Vanuatu and Canada.

Canadian Under 18 Sevens Team

Canadian Under 18 Sevens Team

Willow Park Sports Camps

Teams of 20 competing in different sporting codes played over the weekend, from Mini Golf, Pentanque, Indoor Bowls, Table Tennis, Touch, Tag, Volleyball, Soccer, Netball, Basketball and other sports.

Youth1-3 October 2021  (Cancelled)

Adult 3-5 December 2021 (Cancelled)

Willow Park Christian Camp Sports Camps in October and December are cancelled based on the announcements and guidelines of the Government due to COVID restrictions.


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