Willow Park Kidz Camp

Thinking about another holiday sitting around the house, wondering what to do? Well, wonder no more! Willow Park is running camps these school holidays!

Kidz Camps are held quarterly and are theme/activity designed. Willow Park's aims are to help the kids have lots of fun in a safe environment and to make new life-long friendships while learning more about God in a fun and natural way. If requested we will fit friends into the same cabins, so why not bring a best mate with you.

This is a most awesome time of fun for the kids, and time out for mums and dads! Sound good?

Next Kidz Camp Dates 2019

What might happen?


Challenging Games, Big Screen Movies, Great food, Fun Bible Studies, Canteen, Mini Golf, Tennis, Table Tennis, Kayaks, Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor/Outdoor Soccer, Touch Rugby, Scavenger Hunt, Crunchie Bar Hunt with Torches, Wide Games, Wacky Wednesday Fun Breakfast (dress differently) ...  Scooters and not to mention the popular Wobbly-bikes and Green-machines.

Camp Information

Age Group: School Years 5 - 8

Drop off: 6:45 pm to 7:20 pm at the Registration table in the Dining Room on Sunday night.

Pick up: 6.30 pm for prize-giving in the Dining Room on the Thursday night.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all registrations received are accepted. Registrations received less than 1 week before camp are not guaranteed a place on camp.


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